Daily Little Big Planet 2: just like Saigon, eh slick?

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I flew a helicopter tonight. Yes, it was to no avail. The thing was impossible to control, and flying it did me no more good than running would have done. Or keeping my cool little jetpack on. But now I can say I’ve flown a helicopter in one of these levels. That’s never happened before. You know what else has never happened before? I’ve never gotten this direction from one of the creatures in a level:

“Kill those things.”

Whoa. I don’t recall seeing the word ‘kill’ in any part of LBP2 as yet. Maybe I just missed it. But it struck me here. True, the killing in this latest level, outbreak 1, consists entirely of firing what I think is a paint gun, but still, I was given the directive to kill. That caught me up short for a moment. My little sackbot is now a killer. I will have to take stock of that.

I’ll let you know when, and if, I get a machine gun.