A tale of two Dead Space 2 reviews

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You can’t swing a dismembered necromorph without hitting a blandly positive review of Dead Space 2. But I’d like to direct you to two more guarded Dead Space 2 reviews.

The first is from Thomas Grip, whose thoughts on Dead Space 2 are far more informed, informative, and insightful than what most of us reviewers write, thanks to Grip’s unique perspective on horror games. He’s the co-founder of Frictional Games, the developer of Amnesia: the Dark Descent. That game is very different from Dead Space 2, although they’re both “horror” games. One is an adventure game with some unique gameplay mechanics intended to express the genre of choice. The other is just another expensive looking shooter in which stuff jumps out at you a lot. Grip’s comments make me wish more developers would speak frankly about other videogames.

And speaking of what most of us reviewers write, you can read my review of Dead Space 2 here. Thumbs down, by the way.

(Thanks to Paul for the link to Grip’s Dead Space 2 article!)