Daily Little Big Planet 2: place productment

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Well this was unexpected. The real world just got its chocolate in my peanut butter.

I’m buzzing along, dipping into community levels with a sense of anticipation now that I’ve found one I really like. Today has been a little frustrating, because I’m getting a lot of duds. Usually I’ll find something to like, however small, in any level. Today…oy. Still, which each new Lucky Dip I feel a sense of hope. Then, out of the blue, the real world intrudes with a commercial. What?

Without really paying attention to the name of the level I drop into something called Prius_Stay Green and I find myself playing an entry in a contest where folks create a Prius level for a chance to win–wait for it–not a Prius. You win a television or some Playstation sports junk. The level is okay. It’s clearly a green theme, as you can see above with my little sackbot standing in front of some windmills. I also get him to water some compost and raise a solar panel. Hopefully by doing these things I’ve earned enough carbon credits to offset the power I’m using to play this game today. Eventually I run into a white Prius, which I meaninglessly drive through a dark city. Or something. It was hard to tell. I know advertisements are part of games. In a racing game this doesn’t really phase me. I expect to see billboards when I’m in a car cruising through a city. Here, on this little big planet, it is jarring. So I purposely chose a non-product picture for the top of this post. Just to grief Toyota, I’ve put the product pic after the jump.

After the jump, I say nyah, nyah, nyah to a car company

I’m willing to believe hybrids are good for the environment. But this car wasn’t as fun to drive as that truck that ended up crushing me last week. Just saying.

You can find the contest here, if you’re so inclined.