Test Drive Unlimited 2 finely coiffed while awaiting fixes

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There’s some grand collecting going on in Test Drive Unlimited 2, which gets open-world caRPGing better than any other game. That’s not much of a compliment, since the only other contender is Fuel (the exquisite Midnight Club LA never did much to encourage open-world exploration and collecting; it was more of a grand playground than an open-world game).

But Test Drive Unlimited 2 is making the kind of funny noises that a car makes before you drop it off at the mechanic’s. The main page has a Twitter feed on the right side of the screen. It paints a dire picture:

@RECK1N @N0fun12 Thanks guys we are looking into the server connection issues that people are reporting. Will update when we have more info.
7 minutes ago
@SmackithTheDown Clubs are down for the moment to solve a cheat issue. I’ll check on the race servers issue.
about 2 hours ago
@mjosephh That is a known issue that we are working to resolve ASAP.
about 3 hours ago
@Glassjaw13 Thanks. We are looking into it now. Please keep at it and update me if the situation changes (also restart the game)
about 4 hours ago
@cros1625 Engineers are looking into the matter. Is this for all offline play or just clubs?
about 4 hours ago

I was going to tell you to join the club I’ve started, Quarter to Three, since I paid fifty grand for the darn thing. So much for that. Furthermore, I’ve been unable to get anything multiplayer going, which already makes Test Drive Unlimited 2 a suitable follow-up to Test Drive Unlimited 1. The good news is that I received the following message from Test Drive Unlimited 2 (ingame, not via Twitter):

Discovered hairdresser!