A slightly closer — too close? — look at Dungeon Siege III

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The caption for that Dungeon Siege III screenshot, which was just released today, is “Uhh, stuff happens”.

That’s pretty much what you get when you tap the screenshot button at some random moment in an effects-heavy action game. If you look closely at that screenshot, you’ll see, like, gnomes or goblins among whatever spell is popping off. Summon Orange, I think it’s called.

I’m really looking forward to Dungeon Siege III, which will be out on May 31. Certainly not because of these screens or this trailer. In fact, in spite of them. The appeal of Dungeon Siege III for me is that I want to find out what’s next from the developer of Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas. Where do you go from there?

After the jump, a few more glimpses at where you go from there

A fungus among us

“Aren’t they supposed to be higher up in the air? Are they supposed to be seeing us up close like this?”

Dungeon Siege III will answer difficult questions such as, “Are two one-headed ogres worse than one two-headed ogre?”

Michael Thorton and Conrad Marburg infiltrate some LARPers