The unbearable imperfection of Lost Planet 2

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Just five more sections to play and I’ll have finished Lost Planet 2 on hard, which unlocks the insane difficulty level. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get co-op games going. I just boot up the level I need to play, and within a few minutes, other players have joined. More than six months after its release, could it be that Lost Planet 2 still has a thriving co-op community? It certainly looks like it.

One of the great things about co-op games is that you can see the weapons you haven’t unlocked when other players use them. While working my way down into the undersea base yesterday, another player was chucking some sort of black hole grenades. I want those! I wonder if he felt the same way about my flamethrower. Ultimately, we’re all here for the unlockables, whether it’s weapons from the slot machine or customizable character bits from leveling up the different factions.

I only recently discovered that some of the training stages aren’t just timed obstacle courses. Lost Planet 2 actually has the equivalent of multiplayer matches against bots, which is a great way to try out new weapons without having to play an entire campaign level. Over six months of championing this game and I had no idea that was in there.

Lost Planet 2’s biggest failing is that you probably have no idea how awesome it is.