Your wife is going to be pissed in The Quest add-on

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I love that content is still going strong for The Quest, an epic and epically retro RPG for the iPhone. This just in for your character:

Just when you thought you could enjoy your honeymoon on the beautiful Island of Buyan, you learn its Prince has been assassinated and the artifact providing the island’s ancient defense of invisibility has been blown up. It looks like some powerful and evil force is attempting to control Buyan and enslave its people. Grab your weapons, Hero, it’s time to fight for freedom again. Your prize could be the throne of Buyan.

Man, that sucks. Dude was on his honeymoon?

The Quest – Hero of Lukomorye*, Part V: Island of Buyan is available for $3 from the iTunes store.

* Have fun trying to say that out loud.