Daily Little Big Planet 2: robot love

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In the third world in the Little Big Planet 2 story levels, you save these little robots who’ve been kidnapped and hypnotized. Once you get them to the rescue point, their eyes turn red. Which is kind of weird. Why do they get evil red eyes when you bring them to safety? And now hey’re attacking me!

Oh, wait, those aren’t evil red eyes. They’re hearts! The little robots are in love with me. It’s cute overload!

My recollection of the first Little Big Planet is that the included levels — you know, the storyline — were no great shakes, particularly compared to the creative community-made stuff. But I suspect the reverse is true in Little Big Planet 2. I’m impressed with a lot of the community stuff I’ve seen, but I find myself wanting to go back to the world that came with the game. Maybe it’s just that those levels are more thematically consistent and in-depth. Maybe it’s that Little Big Planet 2 feels like a complete platformer instead of just a concept, which was my impression of the first game. I get the sense that developer Media Molecule woke up to the fact that they’re competing with Ratchet & Clank, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and so forth. Maybe it’s just that jumping into a player-made level is always going to be a bit of a crap shoot. Or maybe it’s another example of how sequels in videogaming are almost always better than their predecessors.

But for whatever reason, I think I’m done with community levels for a while. I need to save more of these robots.