Get to AI Wars’ good parts faster

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AI War’s latest update is now live. If you’ve previously played this epic sci-fi RTS, prepare to re-learn it.

With this update, nearly every combat ship in the game has been rebalanced in an effort to integrate all the new units added over the past year. Golems have been completely revamped and the AI have received major intelligence upgrades such as more proactive retreats, a network of core shield generators, and the new “stalking” mechanic where it lies in wait until the player is at their most vulnerable.

And if you haven’t previously played it, the update intends to make it more accessible.

Players should also be pleased with significant adjustments to overall difficulty and the shortening of the early part of the game — allowing you to “get to the good part” faster. Not to mention tons of performance improvements, as well as more of a general accessibility regardless of what level of player you are.

Additionally, you can get the new $10 add-on, Light of the Spire, to give AI War a new story-based mode and shorter tower defense modes.

* 180 new ships, including massive “spirecraft” (larger than starships, smaller than golems).
* Nine new bonus ship classes featuring oversized starship-like spire ships.
* New Defender campaign type that allows for a way to play shorter sessions.
* New AI weapons: Beachheads AI Plot, 4 core guard posts, and 10 guardians.
* Exciting Fallen Spire story-based campaign-within-a-campaign. Alternate way to win!
* New in-game music tracks.