January 24, 2011: wallet threat level yellow

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The two big releases this week are actually little! First up is Atom Zombie Smasher, a $15 strategy game about zombie apocalypses. I’ll be reviewing it later, but here’s an example of how it plays.

The other great release this week is the PC version of Monday Night Combat, which has been available as a beta for a while, and on the Xbox 360 for an even longer while. Now it’s on the PC for real and for only $15. It’s like Team Fortress 2 met Demigod and had a baby. A smart, funny, in-depth, accessible, team-based shooter/RTS baby.

If bigger budget releases are more your thing, I expect lots of elaborately rendered stuff will jump out at you in Dead Space 2. Two Worlds II is a big RPG from the developers of Two Worlds, who insist they know Two Worlds I was bad and they’ve fixed whatever was screwed up. Finally, Lord of Arcana isn’t just the most generically named game in all of history. It’s also a Square/Enix Monster Hunter sort of game for the PSP.