Gamespotting: The Green Hornet

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Dingus posted a fantastic Gamespotting relating to Sophia Coppola’s father/daughter tale, Somewhere. The movie shows Guitar Hero (and the Nintendo Wii, in a separate scene) as an activity that brings families together. It’s an important bit of insight into how videogames can cross boundaries.

Now along comes The Green Hornet to also pay homage to Guitar Hero (well, Rock Band, but who’s counting?).

After the jump, Seth Rogan knows games. Doesn’t he?

A videogame is often cinematic shorthand for a manchild or a computer hacker. Sometimes, the videogame is just placed somewhere in the background. It’s production design language for ‘Get a load of this guy! What a loser!’ That’s how Rock Band is used in The Green Hornet, where Seth Rogan plays a privileged dissolute character without any sense of obligation, responsibility, or maturity. Hence the Rock Band drums we see against one wall. The crappy 1.0 Rock Band drums that feel like you’re slapping plywood. Not even the awesome Ion kit like I have in my living room. He’s a pretty poor excuse for a privileged loser. During a fight scene with Cato, I think you can also see the Rock Band guitar draped around a suit of armor.

The Green Hornet’s barely noticeable Rock Band cameo is the polar opposite of how Somewhere uses videogames. I hope the pandering meme of “videogame = loser” is on its way out the door. It’s particularly disappointing given that Green Hornet writer Seth Rogan is featured in a much better example of grown men and videogames:

40-Year-Old Virgin is another movie about arrested development, but it understands the boyishness of grown men playing videogames better than just plopping a prop in the background as shorthand for ‘loser’. The “You know how I know you’re gay?” videogaming scene is absurd and immature. And it feels 100% honest. I say the most vile and inappropriate things to my friends when we’re playing videogames, and it’s entirely out of affection. I imagine in the days of yore, this is how men interacted when, uh, fishing, golfing, hunting, fixing cars, and watching the sports.