Eve Online one step closer to letting you out of your ship

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The latest add-on for Eve Online, Incursion, is currently being rolled out in stages, with the culmination being next week’s eponymous incursions by some kind of spacepirates or something. But today’s installment of Incursion added the revamped character design. Eve Online always let you make a detailed face (above, left) that didn’t matter one whit, since you were promptly put into a game where you played a spaceship. But now the superfluous character creation system is even more detailed (above, right).

We really wanted you to feel like you were sculpting the face yourself and tried to limit the amount of sliders as much as possible, putting sculpting of the face and body and posing of the face into the character model. In sculpt mode, you grab onto the nose and move the mouse to make it a bigger, push in the chin, pull the forehead and so on. Once you’re done sculpting and picking clothes, hair and such, you use the same method for posing. You grab your eyes and move them to control where your character is supposed to look, you grab the mouth to make him smile, and pull on the eyebrows to make the smile look a little mean.

The new character creation system is the first step to this summer’s Incarna add-on, which lets you get out of your ship and walk around in space stations like you can do in Star Trek Online.