iPhone Farmville clones get prehistoric and superheroic

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I already did my term of service with We Rule, a charming free-to-play social boondoggle for the iPhone. I don’t regret planting all those strawberries, saving up for that griffon nest, or badgering my friends to come buy potions from my wizards’ tower. I don’t even regret all the time I spent carefully arranging a white picket fence around a house with meticulously situated pink and red flower beds just behind the mailbox on the road to my kingdom’s main thoroughfare.

But when I’m done, I’m done. And I’m done. Oh, hey, what’s this new stuff just added to the We Rule follow-ups, We Farm and We City?

We Farm is going pre-historic! If you’ve ever fantasized about building your own version of “Jurassic Park,” you’re in luck. This week, ngmoco is releasing a Jurassic pen, complete with a Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex, tar pits with Sabertooth Tigers, bone decorations, and a pre-historic museum. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your farm from “just alright” to “DINO-mite!”

Very cute. Nice try, Ngmoco, but it’s going to take more than a dinosaur theme to get me back into one of these things. I’m spending my gaming time these days in DC Universe, so you’ll just have to– Wait, what?

After just releasing much-requested water tiles to We City, this week’s invasion of We City sees superheroes swooping into the fold. Steel Hawk and his Tower of Justice set up shop to do battle with Dr. Disaster and his Factory of Doom, while the Angel Archer watches on from her Winged Haven.