“There will have to be a Miracle button”

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Curious Sense, the developer behind the unforgettable REO Speedwagon game Find Your Own Way Home, is now taking on one of the most iconic bands in the American music scene, the Grateful Dead, according to Rolling Stone magazine. The game will be playable on multiple platforms and devices, though no mention is made of the commercial videogame platforms.

The developers think that the Grateful Dead are “one of two or three perfect bands for this kind of multi-channel game experience,” according to Adam Blumenthal, CEO of Curious Sense, who added that blending digital and real world elements are planned. From the Rolling Stone article:

Examples might include “playing scavenger hunt bingo with mobile phone cameras” where players try to find a Grateful Dead sticker on a Volkswagen camper. Still early in design, many of the game’s core facets remain undefined, but he says the title will reflect themes prevalent in Grateful Dead lore, including Americana, the old west, gambling, Biblical tales, nature, space and journeys. Rather than one single play style, the title is intended to bring many together under a single banner of red, white and blue skulls and dancing bears.

Upon entering the online game, ostensibly designed for play foremost on personal computers, enthusiasts will reportedly be greeted by an interactive, high-tech Grateful Dead universe. Adaptable to individual preference, the game world will be divided into regions filled with mini-games, activities and social events. Settings from familiar songs will host highlighted digital diversions, with familiar characters from popular songs featured throughout.

“Whimsy, surprises and pranks will delight,” says Blumenthal. “There will have to be a Miracle button.”

The Grateful Dead have enjoyed a unique relationship with their fans for decades. Ultimately, the game is about what will drive this special relationship forward into the digital age:

“We want a Deadhead Uncle to be able to buy a Grateful Dead Games gift card at Target to give to his nephew who will redeem the credits and special privileges in the game.”