Dead Rising 2: Case West: Like a zombie with my head cut off

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I feel like I should be shouting “Yee-haw!” Because now I’m at the good stuff.

I waded through the opening text and screens. Got beat up in a cut-scene elevator and got rescued. Crawled through some ducts. True, there was some eerie music that piqued my interest. I liked that a lot. For a minute I thought that music was setting the tone for the game, and I got a little nervous. Good nervous. Nervous that I might get truly scared. Nervous-that-I-might-get-truly-scared in that great anticipatory way. The way it felt watching Paranormal Activity for the first time.

After the jump, that didn’t pan out.

That’s okay though. It really is. Because now I’m at the good stuff. Now I’m at the killing. I made my way through the gobbledygook and now I’m at the killing. And I’ve got to tell you…it’s glorious. Yes, I’ve got a mission to do. I have to go over to some room somewhere or other and get some codes. Or input the codes I already have. Or something. I have no idea what that’s about because I’ve never played a Dead Rising game before. Not the first one. Not the sequel. This Case West DLC is the first time I’ve spent any considerable time with one of these games. Who cares? Missions smissions! I’ll get to that in good time, and reveal what I discover as I go along. Right now I’ve got more pressing issues. By which I mean, there’s a warehouse full of zombies and I’ve been plunked down smack dab in the middle of it. What’s better than a warehouse full of zombies? I’ll tell you. A warehouse full of zombies and an infinite supply of weapons.

That’s right. An infinite supply of weapons. At this point it’s almost beyond my ability to describe, this joy I feel. I’m used to zombies. I am. I have plenty of zombie experience. But I’m used to having to fight my way through hordes of them in order to find or buy the weapons I need to kill them properly. Find those weapons on some table or buy them off of walls or from some weirdly sexy English-accented merchant. This warehouse, though, it’s just an embarrassment of riches. Weapons are everywhere. Or rather, more appropriately…everything lying about here is a weapon. My favorite at this early point is the wrench. Pedestrian, I know. I could be using all manner of other silly objects; I’m particularly curious about the stack of compact discs. But I immediately fall in love with the clang of the wrench, so I hang onto it for the present.

Once I get myself out of the admin office I’m so happy. I’m just a maniac, running around and picking up any random thing and exploding zombie heads with such joyful abandon. I have little experience with open world gaming, and here at last I’ve found my sandbox. I’ve fought zombies on a LAN with my friends before plenty of times — if you ever need a medic, give me a call — but I’ve never gotten to run about like this, killing scores of shambling undead with unabashed glee. I didn’t actually yell “yee-haw” — it’s well after midnight and I have a sleeping wife and child in this house with me (don’t fret, they’re mine) — but I’m not above admitting to a whole mess of quiet giggling. Er…chuckling. I mean manly chuckling. This is bliss.

I get the sense that there’s so much to explore here. So much to figure out, but plenty of time to do that figuring. I know there will be combo weapons. I have to figure that out. I saw a bit of that when I played a few minutes of the Dead Rising 2 game demo at Shoot Club, months ago (I’ll have to ask Tom if we’re still under DNR about that — DNR is a term for when journalists can’t talk about something yet, so I’m not sure how much I can reveal about it). I don’t really know how combo-ing works, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to rescue some folks too. I’m looking forward to that. Also getting to know my buddy Frank here, my companion so far. I haven’t even mentioned him yet. He’s the one with the baseball bat. And the camera. He’s got my back and I’ll tell you more about him later.

Don’t forget figuring out how saving works. That’ll be important, I’m sure.

Before I do any of that, though, I suppose I really should figure out what that annoying beeping is. Also, why that progress line over there on the right of my screen just turned red and that voice just said, “Time is running out.” Exclamation point.


Tomorrow: Expiration Date