In an alternate world, we got this version of The Witcher back in 1997

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Before CD Projekt Red gave us The Witcher in 2007 and blew our minds with collectible sex cards and foul-mouth dwarves, there was a very different digital version of Geralt of Rivia. Adrian Chmielarz, formerly of People Can Fly, told Eurogamer that he was working on an adventure roleplaying hybrid based on the sexy monster-slaying Polish hero in 1997 that never got completed. His version, which he worked on for Metropolis Software, featured all the witchy stuff fans have come to love like grey moral choices, monsters, and combat, but the game was limited by the technology of the time. Chmielarz says they got as far as signing TopWare as a publisher and completing the first chapter of the game before the project fizzled out. I need that purple outfit for Geralt in The Witcher 3.