The sins of Alpha Protocol

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When Gameroni editor Jason Venter suggested I write an article about why Alpha Protocol wasn’t more widely appreciated, my first reaction was to sulk because I’d much rather write such an article about Lost Planet 2. But mine is not to reason why yadda yadda yadda. And after having a grand time working my way through Alpha Protocol again, I came to the conclusion that it has a lot in common with Shadow Watch.

You remember Shadow Watch, right? No? Kids these days…

Shadow Watch was an elegant turn-based tactical game in which a team of agents did agent-like things on discrete levels strung together along a shuffled storyline. It had an almost boardgame level of abstraction and streamlining, but it looked like an X-Com clone. So a common complaint about Shadow Watch was, “Hey, why can’t my dude go prone?” or “Hey, why can’t I go through a window?” Which completely missed the point.

For better and worse, Alpha Protocol has a lot of Shadow Watch going for it in terms of why it wasn’t more widely appreciated. But don’t worry, I promise I won’t drone on about ten-year-old strategy games. Read the Sins of Alpha Protocol here.