Bringing a woman’s touch to Starcraft II

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I’ve watched my share of Starcraft II replay commentaries. It’s the closest I’ve come to actually enjoying a sporting event. But I find the above commentary, co-narrated by a dude and his four-year-old daughter, really encouraging for a couple of reasons.

First, because it teaches good scouting habits. “I see something!” is the hallmark of an observant player. I was in a game the other day with the sound turned down, and I had one of those War of the Worlds walker things rampaging through my base without me even noticing. Lame, huh? I could have used this girl’s scouting acumen.

Also, she and I have the exact same reaction when Mutalisks show up. I also make that noise you hear at the 7:41 mark.

Finally, what a great lesson on the mid-game, which is where I tend to fall apart: “I have a secret for you. There’s more and more and more and more and more.” Now there’s a mantra for good macro. Four-years-old and she’s already got a better handle on the game than I do.

What’s really encouraging about this video — aside from it being so darn cute — is that this girl is going to grow up with Starcraft II. In 20 years, there might actually be women playing RTSs.

(Thanks AV Club!)