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Qt3 Games Podcast: what happens in Rhode Island

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This week, Chris Hornbostel joins us to talk about the latest developments in the 38 Studios story, as well as Neal Stephenson’s swordfighting game, and how some people hate that Tom Chick hates Lollipop Chainsaw. Then we get into The Witcher 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Dragon’s Dogma. Finally, I’d like to personally apologize for how rude everyone is during the closing music. What a bunch of jerks.

(Artwork by Mr. Ripper Blackstaff)


Marvel vs Capcom 3: how about a hug?

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“After you land, immediately down, down special, cancel with special and — boom! — You’re nine frames up.”

My friend Mike is sitting on the couch beside me while I kill some time in training mode. On “boom”, he slaps the back of his hand into his palm, for emphasis. Mike’s generally quite a bit better than I am at fighting games. He knows the jargon and has a group of dedicated players he talks shop with. He has a big honking arcade stick, and will bring it with him when he knows he’s going to be playing. I always enjoy discussing games with him, but I usually understand, on average, about 60% of what he’s saying.

“If you finish her air combo with her butt splash, you can hit special right when you hit them on the ground. You’ll whiff her tag-out attack just as you hit the ground, so you’ll get the recovery frames and can combo into her super.”

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