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Plague Inc is the next step in the evolution of virus games

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If you’ve played Pandemic, you’re going to get a powerful sense of deja vu from Plague Inc. The basic design of these iPhone games is identical. You control an insidiously morphing disease in an effort jump it from country to country, infecting as many people as you can. Once it’s gone global, you make it deadly in a bid to wipe out humanity.

The difference is that Plague Inc, which borrows the raw power of Pandemic’s enormously effective formula, tries to apply more gameplay finesse. Because it’s mostly successful, it’s a better game than Pandemic, but it still makes its share of rookie mistakes.

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What happened to 38 Studios

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(Editor’s note: The sudden dramatic collapse of 38 Studios over the last few weeks has been the subject of a lot of speculation and recrimination. Chris Hornbostel lays out the facts as we know them, gives them some important context, and then draws a few conclusions.)

In October 2006, Curt Schilling begins 38 Studios as Green Monster Games in Maynard, Massachusetts. Fantasy author R. A. Salvatore is announced as creative director, and artist Todd McFarlane is art director. On this site’s message board, you can read Schilling’s comments at the time, including this telling million dollar quote: “I am not sure where revenues and subscription bases will be in a few years, but based on todays economy in the game space it’s safe to say both are going to grow exponentially right?”

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June 4: wallet threat level loud

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Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats* excepted, this is no time to actually buy or play games. What’s the matter with you? This is the week to try to pick out bits of information from all the noise of E3. Stay tuned to Qt3 for exclusive coverage of E3 2012, starting tomorrow!

* That’s the name of an actual Sims 3 add-on.