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Your window to buy a PS Vita is closing

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Sony has officially signaled the end of production for the PS Vita handheld console. The company has cancelled the two remaining PS Vita models on the product page, ending the manufacturing run. Pour one out for the little battery eater.

The Sony PS Vita launched in 2011 and despite strong initial sales, never cemented the case for handheld gaming outside of smartphone apps or Nintendo’s offerings. Sony has no plans for a follow-up handheld.

Sony announces a new way to play PS Vita games

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Sony has announced the new PlayStation Vita TV. It’s a small device that allows owners to play PS Vita games on their television. It has a slot to accommodate the physical cards, downloaded games from the PlayStation Network, and will also be able to play media services like Sony’s own Video Unlimited. The PlayStation Vita TV will also play PS4 games via Remote Play with a planned software update.

The console will launch in Japan on November 14th “before other regions” and will retail for 9,954 Yen, or about $100.