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Riddick sees his way to iOS

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Earlier in the month, actor Vin Diesel teased the announcement of a new Riddick game made by some ex-Starbreeze developers and his company Tigon Studios. Fans of the 2004 game, Escape from Butcher Bay, were excited to hear about another entry in the series, especially if it was going to be made with some of the folks that did the original.

Get your sad trombones ready because the new game is Riddick: The Merc Files for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch coming this Friday! It’s just a tie-in app for his latest movie.

In the original Screencrush interview, Vin Diesel did acknowledge that gamers want a new full-blown Riddick game, but provided no details other than the fact that some of the original team members were being gathered. As it turns out, Gaming Corps, the Swedish studio that worked on the iOS tie-in game, was founded by former Starbreeze personnel.