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Race the Sun trying to outrun low sales

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Race the Sun is in trouble. The sales of the procedurally generated racer have not been as fruitful as the developers hoped they would be. Aaron San Filippo, half of the Flippfly development team, wrote this blog post that comes with some less than stellar sales figures. He blames a common perception amongst gamers that “runners” should be free or on mobile devices, as well as the lack of exposure that comes with not being available on Steam.

Here’s where the story gets a bit discouraging. In our launch month, we’ve sold 771 copies, or about $7,400 worth.

Sales have fallen off pretty steadily as the media attention has died down. Our worst day came last week, at 2 copies sold.

This may seem like a pretty big number to some – but keep in mind there are two of us, with families to support, and bills to pay. Additionally, the game’s online features require a back-end server, and there are monthly costs associated with that, as well as our web hosting and other expenses.

Aaron San Filippo goes on to explain the Steam Greenlight votes have not been forthcoming, but that they are looking at other platforms like Desura or GoG.com on which to release the game.

Tom liked Race the Sun so much, he did a podcast with the developers.