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EA Sports admits this may not be the NBA Live game you were expecting

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NBA Live 14’s executive producer has posted an open apology to fans of NBA Live. The game has been negatively received for not being much of a next-gen release, despite advertisements to the contrary leading up to the launch. Besides criticism of the game’s learning curve, players have noted that the graphics are not the equal of preview images.

You’ve also let us know that you’re disappointed by the graphics and animations, and I can tell you that we are committed to making drastic and immediate improvements. In order to get gameplay up and running this year we had to prioritize. We felt authentic gameplay, control and the connected experience would provide the best foundation for the future. As a result, game visuals and animation polish suffered. Improvements on these fronts are also in development now for NBA LIVE 14. You will notice in the coming weeks and months that the game’s visuals and animation will improve significantly.

At least NBA Live 14 isn’t as bad as NBA Live 13.