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Insurgency: Sandstorm will deliver the hokum Insurgency was missing

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That’s the trailer for Insurgency: Sandstorm, the sequel to Insurgency from New World Interactive. This time around, the game will have a campaign story, playable in single or cooperative modes. According to the developers, it’s a “deeply personal” tale of an “an unexpected journey” across a “war-torn landscape.”

Their objectives have aligned, and their vision of the war blurred as it touches each of them in different but converging ways.

Insurgency: Sandstorm will also have vehicles, character customization, and unlockable cosmetic items. It is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

You may hate the Steam update, but here’s why it’s good for Insurgency

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If you’ve fired up Steam sometime in the past couple of days you may have noticed that the storefront looks a bit different. It’s also blue. Change is hard for some people and they’ve expressed their displeasure, while other users have praised the new features such as the curator system, store filters, and the color scheme. In all the back and forth, it’s sometimes hard to remember that these big changes to Steam have an impact on the other side as well. Game developers and publishers are subject to the fallout from the system overhauls.

In the case of Insugency, the hardcore military shooter from New World Interactive, the Steam changes have been immediately felt. Andrew Spearin, the creative director at New World, wrote about the effects the studio has seen in only a day. Views of the store page have multiplied, user wishlist additions have jumped, and most importantly, sales have increased. Spearin places particular emphasis on the impact the curator system has.

“This Curators list also represents high priority targets to become a cornerstone of our marketing efforts. We now need those top Curator recommendations. They represent a potential new audience to reach that is already a few clicks away from purchase.”

Insurgency is available on Steam.

Insurgency takes you back to the bygone days of Saddam Hussein

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Insurgency is a look back at the old-timey multiplayer military shooter. We’re talking about a one-hit-kill-no-crosshairs-lone-wolf-players-need-not-apply kind of shooter. This is the sort of game that doesn’t care if you got killed 20 seconds into the match. You can sit and spectate while everyone else gets to play out the round. Think about what you did wrong soldier! No unlocks. No second screen commander view. Hardcore and proud of it! Insurgency has no time to coddle you mamby-pamby sissies and your tiger-striped prestige crossbows. Get in that map and fight! Oooh-rah! Let’s get Saddam Hussein! Wait… What year is this?

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Insurgency shows how not to impress a new player

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That’s a screenshot of the first thing you see when you start the training level in Insurgency, the new shooter from New World Interactive. As a rookie player, I was curious to see if the tutorial would make me go through another ho-hum plywood walled kill house. (It did.) Before it made me run there, crouch here, and shoot that, Insurgency showed this to me.

The trainer actually had the audacity to growl “Beautiful country, huh?” You’re going to plop that scene in front of me and ask me to agree that it looks beautiful? It’s got all the realism and craftsmanship of a set from a middle school play. It doesn’t look much better once you start moving either. Thankfully, the game is better than the inauspicious start, but what a way to wow the newbie.