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Half-Life fans want to pester Valve with imitation Gabe Newells

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Crowd-funding has brought gamers some great stuff. We have Divinity: Original Sin, FTL, and even potato salad thanks, in large part, to successful crowd-funding campaigns. Is it possible that we could finally get Half-Life 3 thanks to an IndieGoGo drive? Probably not, but that didn’t stop Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei of the marketing firm McKee Wallwork & Co. from starting the We Want Half-Life 3 funding campaign. As the video above shows, this is not just a couple of guys sending an email to Valve. They have wacky sounding goals that will at least bug the heck out of Valve head Gabe Newell.

At $3,000, they’ll start a Google AdWord campaign that will target all Valve employees. With $9,000, the campaign will hire a mobile billboard truck to drive around Valve’s home turf of Bellevue, Washington. If they reach $45,000, the fund will pay for Gabe Newell impersonators to show up at Valve HQ. Last but not least, if they gather enough pledges to hit $150,000, the marketers will host “the biggest Half-Life concert possible” in Seattle to get their message to Gabe.

Are they mad, or are they savvy chaps demonstrating their own marketing skills for their company? If we’re all sitting around playing Half-Life 3 shortly after the campaign ends on November 17th, I guess we’ll all know for sure.