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Gran Turismo 5 players will be getting a gentle nudge to upgrade soon

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If you like Gran Turismo 5 multiplayer, you’ll need to upgrade to Gran Turismo 6 before May 20th, 2014. That’s when Sony is turning off the multiplayer servers for that game. According to Sony’s updated support page, other PlayStation titles are getting the online axe as well. On March 28th, Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, and Resistance 3 will become strictly single player games. Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of MAG or SOCOM: Confrontation, then you should be concerned that these multiplayer only titles will be useless after January 28th. Get your gaming in while you can!

How much would you pay for a virtual ride?

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There’s this game about collecting and driving vehicles. In this game, you start with a low-end slower ride and graduate to faster, more capable, vehicles by completing missions or racing, getting paid, and buying new movers. Now imagine that game gives you the option to skip the grind and just buy the faster vehicles with real money. How much would you be willing to pay?

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Gran Turismo 6 also comes with a lesson in fiscal responsibility

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Gran Turismo 6 will feature options to purchase in-game credits with real money. The announcement on the EU PlayStation Blog explains that the credits can be used in the game to add more expensive cars to your garage and to buy parts for your new rides.

In-game credits will be purchasable through the PS Store or your friendly local retailer in the following denominations: 500K, 1 million, 2.5 million or 7 million credits which you’ll be able to apply in-game for cars and parts.

The addition of real-world money being used to buy in-game credits is a first for the series.

Gran Turismo 6 offers 1,197 cars including one with a top speed of 11.2 miles per hour

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Polyphony Digital has released new information about Gran Tursimo 6. The full car list is now available as well as the track list. Sharp-eyed fans will note the presence of the “LRV-001 ’71” from the Apollo moon landing on the car list and in the video above. Once you’ve raced on the most challenging tracks in the fastest cars in the Gran Turismo series, why not take some time to plod along in a lunar rover? It’s not clear from the video whether Gran Turismo 6 will allow players to race on the moon, or if the rover will be limited to terrestrial use, but it should make for some hilarious moments either way.

Gran Turismo 6 will be available in North America on December 6th.

More sights from PAX Prime 2013

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That’s the morning queue to get into Pax Prime 2013. It’s hot and stifling in this room, and about an hour before they let people into the main hall, the crowd reaches Funk-con 4. Besides smell, the other thing the image doesn’t convey is the audio experience of Mountain Dew and Doritos blasting butt-rock while someone screeches about your chance to win an Xbox One.

Yesterday’s tour of Pax Prime 2013 was a down and dirty look at the Great Northwest’s premiere gaming convention. This time, let’s check out some of the gaming goodness!

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