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Cities: Skylines was almost good enough to fool a city

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That’s one of the images UK-based land developer Lanpro used in a proposal for the construction of a 10,000 home “garden town” near Norfolk. An avid player of Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines immediately recognized that image as a creation of the game. In fact, the image wasn’t even created for the company’s proposal. According to The Eastern Daily Press, it was from a three-year-old Reddit thread. Matt Carding-Woods, the sharp-eyed Cities: Skylines fan credited the presence of the distinctive in-game refinery in the bottom of the proposal image for tipping him off. For its part, Lanpro says the image was only being used in an illustrative manner and the game software is used by other city planning firms “to model, engage and explain projects” which is quite the feather in Chirpy’s cap.

Cities Skylines heard you want a theme park builder in your city builder

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Parklife, the next DLC expansion for Cities Skylines, is like a miniature theme park tycoon game nestled in the middle of your sandbox city builder. Zone new park districts and Parklife will allow players to designate tourists’ sightseeing paths with stops at nearby attractions. Plop down some rides or points of interest, set pricing, and let those rubes spend their cash in your tourist trap. There’s no ride designing, so we wont get any Skylines versions of Mr. Bones’ Wild Ride, but we can always build the most unpleasant and dysfunctional cities possible to exercise our sadistic sides.

Cities Skylines Parklife will launch on May 24th.

It can snow forever or never in the next expansion for Cities: Skylines

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Cities: Skylines is getting a snow-themed expansion. The Snowfall DLC will add weather conditions like rain, fog, and snow to the plucky city builder. Cosmetic rain and fog effects will be added as a free update for everyone that owns the game, while snow will come exclusively with the DLC. Snow not only adds a wintery white blanket to everything, it will have an effect on your virtual citizens. New challenges like demands for heated water, more electricity, and traffic snarls caused by the snow will complicate things. To deal with the new issues, the DLC will give players tools like snowplows, (insert Mr. Plow joke here) trams, and road maintenance.

Unfortunately, all the nifty snow stuff will be isolated to specially themed maps. It will not be something that comes with the passage of time in regular Skylines maps. Your citizens can look forward to living in a snowy Hell for the remainder of their days if you choose to play in the new areas. Pricing and launch date has not yet been announced for the new expansion. Cities: Skylines is available for PC on Steam.