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Get your creative curses ready. There is an exclusive version of Bulletstorm on G2A.

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Retailer exclusive versions of games is a tradition that all customers seem to vocally loathe. “If you want this unique tchotchke, you have to buy it from this store!” usually elicits a hearty “Dicktits!” in response. Despite, these deals remain popular with sellers and publishers for obvious reasons. For the first time, G2A, a reseller known for being more of an intermediary marketplace than an actual store with its own stock, has secured an exclusive version of a game with Gearbox.

The G2A Collector’s Edition of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, as its name implies, will only be available through G2A.com. If that’s not enough artificial scarcity for you, there will only be 48 total units of the G2A Collector’s Edition available at all. Each will come packed in a “bullet-ridden” steel box. Buyers will get a statue of an in-game character, dog tags, and the Steam key for the game. The Premium upgrade will come with a mouse pad and t-shirt, and the statue will be “expertly” hand-painted. Act fast! There are only six of the Premium packages for sale.