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During renovations, Anthem’s store will still be open for business

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Anthem is going back in the garage. When Anthem launched a year ago, there was a lot to dislike about it. Loot was terrible, quests were bad, the tech was clunky, and the whole thing was just a chore. In the time since, BioWare and Electronic Arts have fixed some things, but the go-to strategy was seemingly one of radio silence. There have been a few community events and updates, but nothing to bring back folks that left long ago.

“We have also heard your feedback that Anthem needs a more satisfying loot experience, better long-term progression and a more fulfilling end game.”

Casey Hudson of BioWare is hoping the developer’s plans for a revamp will do the trick. Writing of a “substantial reinvention” for the game, Hudson warns players that the team will be hunkering down for a few months to work on the changes. Anthem will essentially go into maintenance mode for the foreseeable future. No new seasonal content will be coming during this time, but all the players left can continue to use the in-game store to trick out their suits.

If you want to feel sad about Mass Effect, check out what’s new in Anthem

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November 7th, remembered as “N7 Day” for the Mass Effect franchise, hasn’t really been a thing since Mass Effect Andromeda crashed and burned in 2017. This year, Electronic Arts and BioWare are celebrating N7 Day by offering cosmetic goodies for sale in Anthem. For about $8 each, you can get skins for your Javelin suit that look like better characters from the other game.

There are Asari Storm, Quarian Interceptor, Turian Ranger, and Krogan Colossus skins for sale that correspond to the different Javelin types. You can also buy an emote that mimics the “Shepard Shuffle” dance. I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store in the game!

Anthem is a dirge for game design

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This is Anthem. It’s super-suit barrel rolls, jet-assisted power punches, and raining fire from the sky. It’s exploring the ruins of a long-dead precursor race that created the world with a song. It’s sniping, machine gunning, and shotgunning your way through overwhelming odds. It’s bum-rushing bad guys while slamming them into a bulwark of steel. It’s holding the line against hordes of merciless enemies. It’s standing up and protecting a civilization on the brink. It’s BioWare taking the lessons learned in Mass Effect and applying them to a wholly original and exciting world. It’s a triumphant chorus.

This too is Anthem. It’s loading screens on loading screens on loading screens. It’s an inventory menu that you can’t access unless you’re home. It’s brain-dead enemies that sometimes forget they’re fighting you. It’s multiplayer that doesn’t care about synergy or tactics. It’s loot that bores you and doesn’t seem to matter until the end of the campaign. It’s non-player characters vomiting their life stories at you. It’s BioWare ignoring the lessons learned in the rest of gaming and throwing their hands up in surrender. It’s a sad trombone.

Which Anthem will sing to you?

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