Just Dance 2014 through 2018 are now the loneliest dances

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Ubisoft has turned off online multiplayer and online services for 90 games. The list of impacted titles includes almost an even dozen Just Dance installments, a handful of Splinter Cells, older Assassin’s Creeds, and many other legacy games. The games will still be playable offline and, for console titles, couch co-op will continue to work if it was a feature before, but any online functions will be disabled going forward including leaderboards and cosmetic unlocks.

Unlockable content (ULC) such as maps and skins will also be disabled, meaning that you will no longer be able to unlock them.

On PC, ULC will no longer be available even if it has been redeemed previously. On console, the ULC will continue to be available unless you reset your saved game files.

While some of the games on the list had their online multiplayer disabled previously, this latest change removes all features that require online communication, making them truly offline.