Twelve years later, Six Days in Fallujah is real

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In 2009, Konami announced a third-person military action shooter based on the Iraq War – specifically, the infamous Second Battle of Fallujah that featured house-to-house fighting against insurgents that resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths. Atomic Games was going to be the developer, but highly vocal criticism of the concept caused the project to be quietly shelved by Konami and Atomic shuttered in 2011 after releasing Breach. Surprisingly, Six Days in Fallujah is making a comeback. There’s a new trailer and Steam page for it already.

Six Days is now being published by Victura and developed by Highwire Games. Victura CEO Peter Tamte was the head of Atomic Games back when the game was first announced in 2009, so this is a personal project for him. Highwire Games was founded by Jaime Griesemer, a former designer for the Halo games. The studio boasts the talent of Marty O’Donnell, the former composer and audio director for the Halo franchise.

This time around, the developers hope to stave off the pre-launch criticism by presenting a more nuanced take on the incident. Six Days is being made with input from not only some of the American and British military soldiers that fought in the battle, it will also include input from some civilian survivors.