Resident Evil Re:Verse looks like the inverse of what fans want

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Some great stuff came out of Capcom’s showcase stream for Resident Evil fans. Folks looking forward to getting dominated by a giant busty vampire woman in Resident Evil Village had their hearts set on fire by the newest trailer. (Lady Dimitrescu can step on me anytime!) And just like that, a million memes and fanart creations launched. If being manhandled by undead Gwendoline Christie isn’t your thing, the first-person exploration and shooting look good too, as long as you’re into the signature Resident Evil clumsy, frantic, backpedal gunplay. PlayStation 5 owners can download and play the standalone Maiden demo right now.

The above trailer for the multiplayer mode, called Re:Verse because Capcom is determined to ruin the good feelings some of us have for 2021, is not looking as polished. It’s free with Resident Evil Village, so it’s tough to really get too mad about it, but right from the first few seconds its easy to see that this is not the A team. The six person deathmatch looks dreadful, but at least the matches are limited to five minutes. Your agony won’t last long. Brave souls can sign up for the beta here.