Forget Master Chief. Craig is the biggest star of Halo Infinite so far.

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We were so close. We almost made it through an E3 season without any gamer memes. With all the normal E3 live stage shows cancelled this year due to the global pandemic, it seemed a foregone conclusion that we wouldn’t have any good fodder for viral sensations. The virtual briefings were safe from mishap and impromptu dorkiness. No giant enemy crabs. No Ravi Drums. No families clumsily gyrating though motion controller routines. Alas, Microsoft and 343 Industries showed up at the last minute with their Halo Infinite gameplay demo that featured the serene space ape now known as Craig the Brute. At about 4 minutes into the video, Master Chief smacks this charging Brute, and a legend is born.

Even though Craig was born from the complaint that Halo Infinite’s graphics don’t look all that “next-gen” yet, 343 Industries Brian Jarrod is joining in the fun. It’s a sound strategy to disarm the comments, but Craig’s woeful face is a throwback to the similar “Tired Face” meme that dominated all conversations about Mass Effect Andromeda. Beware, Chief! A nonplussed budget Thanos may end up being your biggest enemy this go around.