There’s about to be a lot of fresh meat in Rocket League

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Rocket League is going free-to-play. The car soccer arena (otherwise known as “lorry footy pitch” in Europe) title just celebrated its five-year anniversary, so it’s a perfect time to shake things up by shifting from Steam to Epic Games Store on PC, and by reducing the price to zero. What does this mean for current players? They get a bunch of free stuff like all previous DLC and a bunch of loyalty swag like the gold rims in the image above. They’ll also have five years of practicing 360 back-flip turbo ball kicks that will crush new players.

Current Steam players can continue to play Rocket league via Valve’s client. The developer says they will update and support it, while cross-play will ease any population worries. New PC players will have to go to the Epic Games Store once the game relaunches.