Skins are coming to Halo: Combat Evolved

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When Halo 3 is added to the Master Chief Collection on PC, cosmetic skins will be added to it as well as to Halo: Combat Evolved. For Halo: CE, this will include weapon skins, visor colors, and vehicle skins. The June update from 343 Industries lays it all out, including a deep dive into how audio works in the legacy Halo titles and why it’s taken so long to get that pesky audio glitch in Halo: Reach corrected. But we’re not here for sound! We want to know about the Master Chief with a pink visor.

“We wanted to bring a greater level of customization to the games that didn’t have as many customization options for armor sets so players can have their uniqueness in each game.”

Fret not, purists! There will be an option to toggle them off so you don’t have to see the hot rod paint jobs on Warthogs or “squirt” rifle decals. Ominously, the studio is looking at further ways to spice things up.

“This season will have some content that’s available for any title, like nameplates, but the customization items will be focused on Halo CE, and we are looking in the future seasons to add customization items to other titles as well.”

Who knows what’s next for the game? Emotes? Sprays? Victory poses? Celebrity voice announcers? Combat evolved!