Who cares about the Force when Star Wars: Squadrons has bobbleheads?

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I’m a sucker for tchotchkes in cockpits. The idea of customizing the console of my long-haul truck or P-51 Mustang with stickers, fuzzy dice, or pictures makes me warm all over. The king of useless dashboard toys is the bobblehead, and I love slapping one down in a high-performance vehicle. Put one in a No Man’s Sky spaceship? Sure. Put one in an Incom T-65B X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter? Oh, it’s on.

Electronic Arts’ Star Wars: Squadrons may end up being a boondoggle with a subpar single player campaign and it might launch stuffed to the brim with microtransactions, but look at the cockpit customization! I can forgive almost anything with a good bobblehead.