It’s shrug-day for Battlefield V’s world war

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DICE and EA have published the last major content update for Battlefield V. It may be the final hurrah for the game, and it may not have lived up to fan expectations, but the Summer Update is a substantial one. Although there is a caveat, even here. There are nine new weapons and five new gadgets for the soldiers on their feet as well as six new vehicles. The update comes with a bevy of balance changes and map tweaks to go with the new kit. Finally, the bit with the caveat is that there are two new-ish maps.

The Al Marj Encampment is another North Africa map featuring a spice market and a German headquarters to fight in. The Provence map was released back in June of last year, but as an infantry-only map. This “expanded” version gives players a bigger battle space and allows vehicles to actually do the stuff Battlefield players expect.

All in all, it’s not a bad update, but it leaves something to be desired as a finale. The game’s rocky reception and dwindling player numbers speak to unrest in the community. Can DICE recapture that “only in Battlefield” magic that drew so many to previous games?