Doom 64 is eternal

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Doom 64, the often forgotten cousin of Doom is being revived for 2020, and will feature a new chapter. The new content will tie into Doom Eternal’s story and reveal just a bit more of the player character’s background. According to Nightdive Studios’ Samuel Villarreal, the modern version is a labor of love that began with an unofficial hobby attempt at porting the game years ago, which eventually led him to his work on Nightdive’s proprietary engine.

Doom 64 is a free incentive for pre-ordering Doom Eternal, but players shouldn’t think of it as a throwaway port. Serious Doom fans know that the 22-year-old Midway game made for the Nintendo 64 had some seriously good graphics for its time (some say it rivaled or exceeded the original PC version) and sported a few programming tricks, like colored lighting and an upgradeable uber-weapon, The Unmaker, that took the place of the BFG9000.