Command & Conquer has something better than Alexa

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Electronic Arts’ Command & Conquer Remastered will feature the original voice actor for the player’s AI assistant. According to Frank Klepacki, in 1995 Westwood recorded most of their in-game voices using office staff, jury-rigged equipment, and a padded broom closet. Kia Huntzinger, office supervisor, agreed to be EVA, the computer voice of the player’s UI. To many gamers her “Greetings Commander” became as comforting and familiar as Alexa or Siri. Unfortunately, the master recordings were lost, and the game files contained audio flaws that became exacerbated in the remaster process. The solution? Bring Kia back! Luckily, she was game for the opportunity to return to the role. You can hear some of her work in the video here.

Players of Command & Conquer Remastered will be able to choose between the new audio or the original files.