Everyone’s favorite Korean cook started in City of Heroes

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Emily Kim is a wildy popular chef on YouTube. She goes by the online handle “Maangchi” and has built a devoted global fan base by cooking Korean dishes, wearing amusing clothing, and generally acting like all the good stereotypes of a Korean mother. She’s published two cookbooks and turned herself into a brand worth millions by showing people how to make kimchi and babimbap.

“My job was usually Attacker. I just always wanted to be wielding my sword and hammer.”

What most people don’t know is that “Maangchi” was also the name of Emily’s avatar in City of Heroes. It means “hammer” in Korean. Before she blew up the world of YouTube cooking, she spent her nights trouncing MMO bad guys as a sexy superheroine. Her son saw all the late night gaming and told her to try her hand at YouTube for a creative outlet.

Emily Kim doesn’t play City of Heroes any longer. She’s too busy with her foodie empire, and City of Heroes officially closed down in 2012. Has she seen the unofficial servers that recently popped up? Maangchi could be the hero Paragon City needs!