Black Ops 4 reaches its endgame

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is getting a large update that basically turns the game into a comic book superhero movie. Operation Dark Divide, the final operation update for Black Ops, adds a time-limited Heavy Metal Heroes mode on the Battle Royale Blackout map that features a tank, thrust-jumping, air-ramps, and full starting loadouts. It’s like The Avengers, but with less quips.

The in-game loot crates get more weapons, skins, and trinkets. Regular multiplayer will see one all-new map, along with a reimagined version of the original Black Ops map, Launch. Finally, Tag Der Toten, the last content drop for Zombies mode, will wrap up the Aether storyline.

It’s the last hurrah for Black Ops 4 before the players shift over to this year’s Modern Warfare. Despite that annual schedule, Black Ops 3 received support and new additions for years after launch, so one can hope that Black Ops 4 gets similar consideration.