After six years, the bets are finally placed in Grand Theft Auto V

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There’s a casino in Grand Theft Auto V. It’s been sitting just off the highway next to the racetrack in Los Santos since the game launched. You can be forgiven for missing it because despite the game’s dramatic heists, no crimes can occur in the Vinewood Casino. In fact, you can’t even go into it. It’s been a missed opportunity for six years.

The next update to Grand Theft Auto Online is adding a casino. The Diamond Casino & Resort will open its doors on July 23rd. It will have poker, roulette, blackjack, and slot machines for your gambling pleasure. The casino features a high-end lounge, luxury pool, and plenty of shopping for your entertainment. There will even be an ultra posh penthouse if you have a real surplus of virtual money to spend.

Will there be a casino heist in the game finally? The info from Rockstar hints at some new co-op missions, but they sound like players will be working for the casino owners, instead of robbing them. But a good heist can have twists and betrayals, so it wouldn’t be inconceivable that you end up stealing from The Diamond at some point. Besides, this is GTA. Just whip out a gun and stick up the joint if you get desperate. I’m sure everything will be fine.