Teach kids to fear Shenzen I/O as much as you do for free

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Zachtronics is giving away its games to schools and educators. Studio founder, Zach Barth, has announced that teachers and learning institutions can apply for free licenses of Opus Magnum, Infinifactory, Exapunks, Shenzen I/O, and TIS-100 for their classrooms. If you want to teach kids logic, puzzle-solving, patience, and a crushing sense of frustration, there’s probably no better way to do it than making them sit in front of a Zachtronics game to face their inadequacies.

“Students may acquire an increased sense of the ridiculousness of modern capitalist society.”

Zachtronics has included some educator warnings about the games, such as Exapunks having some swear words and Infinifactory’s dead astronauts. Most worryingly, Zachtronics has rated each game 1 to 5 for its difficulty, and none of the games got a max rating. Please Zach, be merciful.