You can thank Battleborn for Borderlands 3

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Battleborn, Gearbox Software’s doomed hero shooter, was instrumental in the development of Borderlands 3. Art director Scott Kester told Metro UK that coming off Borderlands 2, the development team needed a change, and Battleborn provided that opportunity, even if the general audience wasn’t keen on the result.

“By the grace of the beautiful 2K they allowed us to say, ‘Hey, we want to try this Battleborn thing, we just want to kind of reset our palette, we’re gonna try this thing’. And we did it and… you know, if we didn’t make that game Borderlands 3 wouldn’t be as good as it is now. It made us think about things a little different.”

Scott Kester also revealed that Gearbox doesn’t consider Borderlands 3 a Games-as-a-Service (GaaS) title. At least, they don’t call it that, but they do plan on making “meaty” expansions and supporting it with substantive endgame content.