Imperator: Rome prepares to carpe diem cras

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Imperator: Rome, the sequel to Europa Universalis: Rome, has been having a tough time. Since its launch in April, fans have taken the game to task for having some unfulfilling mechanics, unfair opponents, and a monarch power system that’s been derisively nicknamed “mana” due to the way it magically works. It’s the only Paradox Interactive grand strategy game with a negative average of user ratings on Steam. While the game’s initial sales exceeded the developer’s expectations, the player response has been disappointing. So much so, that the roadmap Paradox published includes multiple steps to get back on course. In a new interview with PC Gamer, designer Johan Andersson revealed how he took the criticism to heart.

“I don’t understand why people want to buy a game that has major core features that they don’t like. Well, if the customers want something different, we’ll just have to change the game to do that.”

The first big improvement update For Imperator: Rome comes on June 26th. It will revamp naval action to give fleets more to do.