Maybe you’ll buy more stuff in Destiny 2’s store now?

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Bungie is revamping the in-game store for Destiny 2. The Eververse, as it’s called, has always been a source of controversy for players, but Bungie hopes the upcoming changes will elevate it into more of a revenue generator. First, all Eververse armor will become Universal Ornaments, meaning they’ll be turned into purely cosmetic bits that can be applied to any legendary armor. You’ll get the spiffy new helm look, but keep all the underlying buffs and stats. Second, Bright Dust is changing from a currency to a reward. You’ll earn it for finishing bounties, and once you complete your weekly bounties Bungie will give you other ways to earn more. Finally, Eververse loot will no longer dismantle into Bright Dust. Breaking up that junk will give you Legendary Shards and Glimmer, which you’ll be able to spend in exchange for Collections. I’m sure all this means something to Destiny players, but it’s Foozles and Whatzits to me.

The changeover will happen on September 17th, so Bungie recommends that if you’re sitting on a pile of stuff to dismantle, you should do it before the update to maximize your Bright Dust payout. Coincidentally (or not) the PC version of Destiny 2 will be moving from Activision Blizzard’s Battlenet to Steam around that same time.