The IntelliMouse is back for some true 1996 retro gaming

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Microsoft is relaunching the IntelliMouse as a gaming peripheral. When the first IntelliMouse appeared in 1996, PC users lauded its clean lines, ergonomics, and introduction of the scroll wheel. It quickly became the standard by which other mice were compared. In 1999, it became one of the first commercially available optical mice thanks to “IntelliEye” technology. Throughout the years, Microsoft has sold the venerable mouse to hardcore fans, but now they are offering a jazzy gaming version.

In a nod to modern gaming, there are subtle design updates inspired by the shadow and gradients that are popular on Xbox accessories.

The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse has everything the serious gamer needs, like a blinky colored LED, a rad cable, and software to adjust the clickiness. The new IntelliMouse will be available in July.