The Game Bar on Windows might actually see some use now

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Let’s take a moment for the Game Bar. It’s that app you’ve probably never used in Windows 10. If you have an Xbox controller plugged into your PC, you may have accidentally seen it pop up when your thumb hit the logo button. Enabling the Game Bar allows you to take screenshots and post them to social media, record footage, and stream to Mixer or YouTube. It’s functional, but duplicates features in more popular programs, opting (up until now) for ease of use over more configurable choices.

Microsoft is updating the Xbox Game Bar. The improvements include a customizable HUD, the ability to (oh no) “turn your captured screenshots into memes,” run Spotify from an overlay, and a “looking for group” chat widget. Thanks to user feedback, the team at Microsoft felt these were the most needed additions. Okay, none of that sounds essential, but maybe you’ll use the Game Bar more than when you stumble on it with button mashes?