Microsoft Solitaire made it into the Hall of Fame

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Microsoft Solitaire, the ubiquitous time waster of offices everywhere, is now an official inductee of the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The National Museum of Play chose Microsoft Solitaire for inclusion due to its cultural impact, popularity, and its enduring legacy since its 1990 launch on Windows 3.0. Microsoft’s manager for casual games, Paul Jensen, said the company was honored to have Solitaire included in the Hall of Fame along with heavyweights like Tetris, Doom, and The Oregon Trail.

If you were one of the people that played Solitaire, thanks to it being bundled with the operating system on every PC sold during its run, you unknowingly participated in a slick tutorial. Microsoft originally included the game as a way to teach users how to operate basic functions of the mouse, a peripheral that was new to most folks back in 1990.